Windows Of The Soul

In the still of the night. Its the darkest body of water you’ve ever seen. You KNOW it’s depth is unfathomable. It’s so black you’re convinced there are hues of blue in there. And there are waves crashing ever so gently on the embankment causing ripples along the surface. And there… at the center of it all is the moon…full and bright. Brighter than you’ve seen. Bigger than you cud ever imagine. And on this body of water is the reflection….the reflection of ultimate beauty that is distorted everytime the ripples rush towards the shore and then it becomes still ..SINK….is wat everything around me says…sink into the body of water…discover what makes the moon shine so bright…figure out how a beauty like this is guarded by such a person…explore this person and find the fire that obviously lights the moon..and find what other things lay beneath…beneath the ripples that gently crash to the shore…

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