Feel But Not Felt…

It’s glowing….not like a beautiful fire fly glow…or that soft glow like when the sun sets before the moon takes center stage…it’s BLAZING actually. It’s warm and soothing….muscles relaxing, heartbeat steady and pulse slowing. And sometimes it’s quite HOT. You know like when you see the heat waves on a summer day. Yeahh, that type of hot. My cheeks…they are warm to the touch. Sizzling if u must. The light is so bright. It’s like trying to look at the sun and you know you shouldn’t but you want to see that fireball in the sky. So I keep my eyes shut. Blocking out that beautiful light that I so desperately want to see. So I squeeze my eyes shut and then I relax. You ever try to look through your eyelids to see something that’s too bright to stare at? So u stand there, head tilted, eyes closed facing the bright and a slow smile creeps into the corners of your mouth. I…want…to…see. I want to see the ferocity, I want to see the dismay, I want to see the agony, I want to see the happy, joy, and pain. Okay….sigh.. I can do this. Just…open one lid…at…a…time!

Mmmm let me FEEL it. Let me be warmed by the back and forth dance of the light. Let me be burned by the lava like temperatures. Let me be cooled like waters from a spring. Let me explode with volcanic likeness and let me be chilled like a snow capped mountain. Let me feel it. In my flesh, in my bones..straight down to the marrow. No. I want to feel it in my soul. Tell the gate keeper step aside for this cannot be stopped. Arms wide open I let the heat embrace me, my body, my soul. I’m blasted with a fiery blaze so unbearable but awakening. I feel it, I smell it, I can taste the beauty of this..this fire. I can taste the tears and taste the smiles and taste the sorrows and taste the joys and I cry and shake at the emotions taking over me and I fall to my

knees..skin burning from the blaze…eyes wet from tears and heart filled…with…LOVE

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