Flash Back

I have to say…most things we know should just be left in the past. But these tassel earrings are making a comeback and I am here for it!!! They come in many colors and styles. This particular one I love because you’re not limited to a specific color but you can also use it for a splash of color let’s say for an “all-white” event!! Aldos has all your necessary accessories for that special occasion! Check them out and have a flash back to the past moment for yourself!!!

First Time

I thought long

illuminated city at night
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

and hard about what my first post would be about, what would it sound like, would it flow? I realized that although I am trying to appeal to people I don’t know…I ultimately have to love what I write. All else I believe falls into place. We can tell when an author loves what they’re writing because they make it their duty to convey that passion. So I will try to do the same in each and every post…Let this journey begin…