This weekend I had the wonderful pleasure of doing something slightly different this Labor Day weekend. Imagine being in a room filled with creative people in all aspects of art! From musicians to painters, clothing and graphic designers to make-up artists and all the like!

You could have played pool with your feet with striped and solid colored soccer balls…RIGHT!!! Take that in!!!! Talk about a blend. I played paint pong with a basket ball and bins which was kept very similar to the actual beer pong game but in this case each opponent who made the ball in a bin was able to put a paint stroke on canvas of any color. Whoever wins keeps the painting!! DOPE!!!

There were multiple televisions set up with multiple game systems because there’s always love for the gamers, and a nice table for tic-tac-toe and connect four!!! Simple but it’s interesting the things we still love from our youth!!

And then there were multiple vendors selling different things from clothing to paintings, jewelry, all natural energy drinks and even some cool THC products.

And after all the drinking and games were done. We were entertained and serenaded by beautiful song birds and what’s the best way to end the night??!! WITH AN ENGAGEMENT!!!

Loved this weeekend so far and I hope you enjoye yours as well!!

Check this website out guys! Here you’ll find more info!!!


Because life seems more fun with FEATHERS!!! Carnival is such an experience whether your a first timer or a veteran. It offers such a euphoric feeling from beginning to end. “Playing mas” means wearing a costume like the one pictured and dancing in the streets to the sounds of Soca music along other Masqueraders taking part in the celebration. Men and women alike can partake and enjoy themselves endlessly.

I had the pleasure of taking part in carnival in Grenada W.I. I myself am not a first timer to carnival and and playing mas. And this time like the past was a BLAST!!!

A lot goes into deciding on whether or not you’ll play mas or just be a spectator. Either way…do your research and and once decided bring your good vibes and energy and enjoy the festivities!!

Flash Back

I have to say…most things we know should just be left in the past. But these tassel earrings are making a comeback and I am here for it!!! They come in many colors and styles. This particular one I love because you’re not limited to a specific color but you can also use it for a splash of color let’s say for an “all-white” event!! Aldos has all your necessary accessories for that special occasion! Check them out and have a flash back to the past moment for yourself!!!

First Time

I thought long

illuminated city at night
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and hard about what my first post would be about, what would it sound like, would it flow? I realized that although I am trying to appeal to people I don’t know…I ultimately have to love what I write. All else I believe falls into place. We can tell when an author loves what they’re writing because they make it their duty to convey that passion. So I will try to do the same in each and every post…Let this journey begin…